2018 Kyoto, Japan | Technology Transfer in Tea Varieties R&D

The vice president of IAAS took part in the bilateral conference held by College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University and Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University and gave a presentation titled “On the Methods of Technological Transfer from the Government’s Perspective: Take Taitung Red Oolong as Example.”


For a long time, the tea industry, even the whole agricultural industry, in Eastern Taiwan has been relatively underdeveloped. This underdevelopment in turn restricts the developmental space of many businesses to the agricultural industry, halting the progress of upgrading the agricultural industry. How does Taiwanese government implement technological improvement and transfer and study the process of the shaping of the industrial structure and the situation of landscape transformation in the local areas? How can we make red oolong tea the key to the industrial development in Luye, Taitunng and help tea products earn recognition and maintain advantages in the market?



Kyoto, Japan | A bilateral conference between two colleges of Agriculture